Google Business Profile Setup

What is a Google Business Profile?

A“Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google.” It will help people find your business, whether a website or your physical location via Google Maps, or a phone number to call you, all in one convenient place.

The advantage for prospects and customers alike is they can find your business hours, schedule times or even contact you right from your Google Business Profile (GBP) and any other information that you enter into your profile.

The best part, in my humble opinion, is that you can interact with people that leave reviews. Reviews are great for any business and for those searching. You get to respond to those people, whether they left you a good or a bad comment, you get to reach out and thank them and a chance to make it right if there was just a misunderstanding.

There’s a second best part to a GBP… It’s Free!!

blue square with two tone striped awning  with G (for Google). It is the Google Business Profile logo.
Google Business Profile Logo

Do I need to Claim and Verify my Google Business Profile?

That is a resounding YES! Did you know if you don’t claim your listing, anyone can make a change to you GBP? It’s true.

If you haven’t claimed yours or even if you have but don’t monitor it, get in touch with me and I will show you in just a couple of minutes just how easy an unscrupulous person can make a change.

How do I claim my Google Business Profile?

  • Step 1. Type in your business name in Google search
  • Step 2. Claim it
  • Step 3. fill in ALL of you business information. This takes some time. The more you add here, the better if will serve you.
  • Step 4. Add pictures and a video
  • Step 5. Verify – Google will let you know which option to you. The 4 options are Text, Call, Video, or Postcard verification. Sometimes you have an option, sometimes they tell you which one you need to complete.

After that you just need to be patient. Once in a while it is instant, other times it can take up to two weeks.

When we build a GBP, we have an additional step to help the verification process between steps 3 & 4. We produce citations. The number varies on several factors, the major one is the amount of competition in your market. We set up several backlinks as well.

You can learn about citations and backlinks under the Services tab.

Multi colored Google logo updated in 2015.
90% of all searches are done on Google
Jimmy on the Importance of a Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile Setup • Project Scope

Project Background and Description

Many businesses do not know how to get their information on Google. Google Maps is an important tool for customers and clients to find your business.

When not verified or claimed, you cannot reply to any comments or reviews, you are unable to post, set up descriptions, or add information like hours, products, services, and more.

Did you know when you don’t claim your business or properly manage your listing that anyone can cause a change to happen? You may not even realize it! Yes, it’s true. You may have claimed your listing, but if you don’t look at the emails and someone has suggested an edit, or even said the business is closed, that change will happen automatically if you don’t respond or intervene.

Once verified, you will be able to customize all the above-mentioned items, add photos, a video, show up in Google Maps, have a much better chance of showing up on Google searches, and more.

Building a Google online presence is done through a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Google prefers a verified listing which will help your ranking and build trust among those browsing your listing – your potential customers or clients.

Project Scope

  • You will receive a full Google Business Profile, with descriptions, logo, photos, video if you have one, hours, and contact information, you’ll be found on Google Maps which will help you show up in Google searches.
  • Photos will be geo-tagged, and Alt-tagged.
  • We will create a Gmail account for your business unless you already have one.
  • A one-page free Google Website – Basic set up with descriptions and photos.
  • Citations – quantity will depend on competition in your market.
  • Backlinks – Varies case by case

Once complete you will receive full control of the whole package.


What you will receive with this service.

  • Gmail Account in the business name (unless you have one)
  • Google Business Profile – fully optimized
  • Verified Google Listing
  • Listing on Google Maps
  • Google Web Page – basic setup
  • List of Citations

Changes & Approval

You will get to approve all content, although sometimes we may write things a certain way to help improve authority and trust as well as ranking. You are allowed two sets of changes. After that an additional fee will apply.


We will add your project to our calendar, but usually, this can get started quickly. Know that getting verified with Google can take up to two weeks to receive that from Google.

How to Get Started

This is how this works… It starts with a Discovery Call to see if we can serve you and it is mutually beneficial. Then we will gather all the information needed either on that phone call or via email.

Contact me for a FREE EVALUATION of your GBP. Jimmy 719-482-8302

Once we receive payment, we will get working on your project. It’s really that simple.

Check this out on Google Maps JBL Action Marketing’s GBP by Clicking Here

Here’s what it looks like on a SERP JBL Action Marketing GBP on a SERP