Digital Marketing Services for Your Success

JBL Action Marketing offers a variety of individual services as well as package deals to meet all your digital marketing needs. Our goal is to partner with you to grow your business.

You can look under the Services tab (that’s where you are now) for the drop-down menu, or you can click on any of the links below. A couple of the links will take you to another page – usually our Copywriting page as we offer the same service and no sense in duplicating pages.

Here are the Main Services we offer.

Some services have their own page, while others are coming soon. I, Jimmy, am building this site in between doing work for customers. As many business owners will understand, our own projects seem to get pushed aside when we have customers to serve.

So, if you see a service that does not yet have a page description, just reach out to me and I will get you the info you request.

Dog wearing glasses behind a laptop computer on a desk as if he were working on a digital marketing campaign.
Allow us to Help You Grow Your Biz with Your Digital Marketing Needs

Other services include…

  • Digital Marketing Consultation – for any of the services we offer
  • Customer Persona Discovery – know your audience (this takes you to a different website of ours)
  • Copywirting

Package Deals

  • Lead Gen Package
  • LBLO – Local Business Local Optimization
  • Google Optimization Package
  • Social Media Presence Package
  • more coming soon

If you have any questions about any of our services and how they may serve you so you get the results you are looking for, please feel free to reach out. It costs nothing to discuss a topic be it via email or phone.

Fees for Services

Here is how payments work for services provided.

Some services like an audit or customer persona are paid up front.

Most of our services are paid 50% up front, then 50% upon delivery.

Those services that are continuous like SEO will be billed monthly, due on the 1st of each month, set up for automatic payments.

We do not have prices on our websites, because there are variables in each business. Location and competition in larger populations are quite a bit more work than a small town or region.

For example, trying to rank a plumber in Colorado Springs or Denver would require much more work than Pueblo, Boulder, or smaller towns like Cañon City, Buena Vista, Salida, Montrose, etc. We do have a fee schedule set up with price ranges. We don’t just pull numbers out of thin air. Our services are customized to meet your needs.

That said, when you request a service you will receive a Project Scope detailing what you will recieve, what we require from you, and the investment price for that service.

The best way to get a quote is to first set up a Discovery Call with Jimmy, it’s totally free and no obligation.

Some Last Thoughts

Business is different today.

Oue team stays up to date on what is going on around us, like issues with the economy, and the recent pandemic that caused many businesses to close, pivot, or just change the way they did things. The reason I am mentioning this is because the way we write content, or create videos are different than just a few years ago.

Open Notebook with two pens on top on a wooden table. Written on top of teh page, Thought Catalog. 

Here at JBL Action Marketing when working on your digital marketing we capture thoughts on paper first, then go online.
Capture Your Thoughts Where You Can Review Them

People have a different mindset today than say in 2019 and before, therefore we need to adjust the way we speak to your potential clients. We need to reach them where they are at.

The way we reach out to them may differ from one industry to another, but to put you and your busienss on top, we need to be real and address concerns. It all ahs to do with content and user experience.

So to conclude, and relating everything back to digital marketing and lead generation, allow us the opportunity to serve you or at least give you a quote.

Simply click the button above.


We do service both large and small businesses. Even businesses with multiple locations. Inquire for more information.